Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Budgets, the Bane of our Existence!

When I started school to become an Interior Decorator I decided that I would not touch my house nor would I go shopping for anything that I could use in my house, until after I was done and then I would do it right! One would think that after opening my creativity brain cells up, they would take me to a new level of thinking and things would just flow, but NO! No ideas were coming to mind.

Why was it so hard for me to design my own home? After all I know what I want, right? In my classes the sky was the limit! I could do whatever I wanted when I wanted with hardly any limitations aside a few from the clients, but I could still work around that. The best part was I had no budget! How awesome would that be!?! To be able to do what you want without any financial responsibilities! So, I had to find a way to break the creative mental block and still stay in a budget. Or at least be realistic about having a budget. Because I can't very well live, or ask my family to live off of cereal and granola bars for several years just because I decided to buy some beautiful piece of furniture off that site, but my wallet shudders to see the $$$)! So, I decided that I would make a plan that was carefully tailored to my budget and needs.

How do you go about planning for your own needs and wants when decorating your home? Here are some tips:
1. Pick one room and stick to that until it is done. No ands, ifs or buts! You will feel a great sense of accomplishment when you have something that is DONE!
2. It doesn't hurt to call a decorator or a designer to help you make a plan. A plan is essential! With it you waste little(no more garage sale fodder) and will be happier with the finished product!
3. Prioritize your money and see what you are willing to fork out for a home make over! Then look at the costs of the things that you want and see if you can find those things cheaper somewhere else and if you can't then work it into your budget and save for it if you have to. If there is a piece you absolutely love(can't bare the idea of being parted) and can't find anything that resembles it for less, then get it! You will be happy you did!
4. Remember that for many of us that aren't millionaires, this will take a while, but be patient and keep at it! Then send me the before and after pictures and I just might feature you in my blog!
5. Now go out there and conquer the WORLD...ummm, I mean HOUSE!

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Beckie said...

Great Tips Sharon! I just may take you up on the before after idea!

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