Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Third Quarter Projects

This is one of the projects that I will be presenting before the Board in July. It is a Commercial Building and we were able to choose what kind of company we were going to use and there were some specific challenges that we had to deal with that were highlighted in the client's description.

My company was "Around the World and Back Again" a world travel and photography magazine. Located in Jacksonville, FL. The color scheme I chose was a complementary, Red-Orange and Blue-Green. The furniture style was a mix of British Colonial with some modern pieces and accessories thrown in. We also had to write a 2 page paper on our Client's needs, tastes and wants and how we met those needs and the challenges that we had to work with.

This is another project that I will be presenting before the board in July. It is my final Architecture Project. We once again were employed by Indiana Jones and long time girlfriend Marion and we were to plan a business for them in the first floor of their Brownstone in SoHo area of New York. There were a few things that had to be put in because of building code and we had to plan around building codes for the specific business that we did. We also thought of the name ourselves, which my teacher said he will NEVER forget mine, I was glad I left an impression with him! ;) I did a Bakery. Since Indiana's prime was during the 40's I decided that having a Bakery that had a vintage feel in it's design as well as a welcoming sitting arrangement would fit nicely. I also had it specialize in all sorts of dates, since that it something that Indiana loves to snack on(yes I watched all the movies during my projects to get a feel for the personal preferences of my clients). The back patio has a water fountain and some plants that surround it and trellis's on the walls with climbing vines and hanging lanterns to add some privacy from the rest of the hustle and bustle and to give it a Mediterranean feel.

The other project that I will be presenting before the Board is my History of Furniture one found in my last blog entry.

Well this wraps up all the projects! I had fun during all of the stress, frustration and creativity. Wish me luck for the Boards!!!

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