Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second Quarter Projects

In my Interior Design II Class we had to take an entire house and Design every detail as well as color coordinate the entire thing. It was quite a challenge(to say the least) but I really did learn a lot from this thing! This project probably took me the longest of all of the other projects I have done. We were given specific stats of the client we were doing this for and we had to figure out ways to put it all together in a tasteful, up to date way. I chose to do lots of worn, but upscale looking furniture and accessories. I chose and Alternate Complimentary color scheme. My colors were Red-violet, yellow-green, blue- green, and yellow-orange.

I also had a History of Period Furniture Class. I really enjoyed this class. it was amazing all the history to the furniture styles that we still have around to this day! We had to design a room in a Furniture style of our choice. I chose French Provincial. The room had to be authentic to that styles original definition and we designed the layout of the room and which room we were planning. We could add up to 2 pieces from another style that would go well with it. That way it could break up legs and monotony if needed.

In my Architecture class we had to take a Brownstone Loft home from the SoHo area in New York and renovate the entire interior for our client, Indiana Jones. It was fun to have such a unique and colorful client! We had to lay out everything ourselves and add furniture to meet his required needs and wants. We did an informal presentation. We sat with our Instructor and walked him through our plan like we would a client so we could see what it would be like. If you really were doing this with a client you would then go and fix anything they may have wanted you to and then you would have another session like this and then finalize your drawing with ink when everyone is satisfied. A lot of archtects use Architecture Software for this.


Raissa Guldam said...

hi there!.

you're project is cool!

you rock!.

good luck to you!

Asia said...

Wow! I wish I could get you to decorate my house. I love your pick for the baby bedding in a later post. It is my favorite as well out of the great finds you listed. My 4th baby is due in June and all I have is the already hand-me-down eyelet lace ruffle and pad. However, I'm in no place to employ anyone at this time. Keep up the good work making this world a more visully stimulating space.

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