Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Photo from House Beautiful mirror slide show
Who is the fairest one of all?

For months I have been scouring magazines and the Internet to try to find a picture, that I had found and obviously lost, of a beautiful mirror aged to perfection above a fireplace mantle! It went from mantle top to the ceiling and was the same width as the mantle flanked by urns with hydrangeas and a little artsy box in the middle. It was GORGEOUS! It is exactly what I want over my fireplace ( I know I should just do it with or without the picture, but it'd be a goal marker for me. You know, something to keep you going until you get there)!

But what is it with mirrors that draws us to them? Is it the Narcissus in us, are we still intrigued by the sight of our facial expressions and gestures that others get to be an audience to, like a toddler or is it the sheer fact that like the raccoon we are drawn to shiny and shimmering objects? What ever the case there is no denying that a human being can not live with out at least one mirror in their house, but why stop at one? There are a million places and things that you can do with a mirror. It can tease the eyes and make a room appear bigger and much brighter than it really is and be one of the most beautiful focal points you have ever seen! It all just depends on the mirror and how you are going to use it!

When you decide on a place for your mirror make sure that you don't place it where it'll reflect something unsightly. For example you don't want your guests, in the other room where you think they can't see because their backs are to you, getting a good glimpse at your ultra cluttered closet when you open the door. Also remember that mirrors tend to call for your attention so make sure that it is your focal point or choose a mirror that will blend in to it's surroundings so the eye will be drawn to the focal point intended.

Aging to Perfection:
One of my favorite timeless beauties is Aged glass and mirrored glass. They add beauty and charm to everything around them, but claim the spotlight in a way that nothing else can! Whether they're in a modern or a very traditional style you can make aged mirrors work for you!
Enjoy the beauty!

Image from: House Beautiful
from Ballard Designs

Here is another website that features interesting things that they have done with glass! Charleston Architectural Glass Studio Inc.
Here is a site that will age mirror glass for you...Antique Mirror Glass!

Fair is thy beauty, but there are more ways to be beautiful:
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