Monday, February 22, 2010

Stylish Camera Bags

If you are picky about what you wear, what you allow in and out of your home and what accessories you dare put with your clothing, then you would agree with me that it would be nice to have a camera bag that not only is functional, but looks great wherever you are. Who says you can't judge a book (in this case a bag) by it's cover?

Here are a few camera bags that are tres chic and vary in price range. I can't say that I have personally tried these (though I have #1 on it's way to my house, then I can give a review of it), but I have found reviews that say the owners of these bags are smitten with them and they are definately great eye candy!


1 Now this first one is a great price for style and it is offered in zebra print as well. I can't wait til mine comes (I ordered the giraffe print)! Most reviews raved about it's size and looks. You can find a good review here. It also has a pic of the zebra print.
You can get it at Barnes and Noble, ThermoWeb, or at Scrap-Masters (this is the cheapest I have found it).

2 This next one is adorable. The only problem that many reviews said they encountered was that it was a tight fit and you can only get a DSLR and one lens in there. I have personally thought about getting this for my Canon Powershot A95, extra lenses and accesories, but am going to have to wait since I am using my Rebel T1i more and just bought a bag for that.
You can find this bag at Sears or Sale and Send.

3 This is for a small digital camera and comes in different colors. I think it is simple yet stylish. You can get it at Wal-Mart or

4 Jill-E makes some great looking functional camera bags if you can afford it. They are a bit pricey, but most are uniquely designed. This one you can get here or here. On her website (found here) she also has some cool pics and diagrams of how you can fit your cameras in her bags.

5 Kelly Moore has just recently launched her very own camera bag design. They are beautiful, but once again they are a bit more $$$. They are beautiful and look like great quality though. So once again I think if money isn't a big concern for you and you LOVE them then you should definitely get one here. I debated on it, but since I am not a proffesional photographer I decided to get one that is stylish, functional and something that I won't grow out for a long time and still use for my hobby. I also would recommend that you look at her awesome photography on her blog here.

If you are searching for a camera bag and aren't happy with many that are offered because of the way they look,then I hope this post has helped point you in the direction of functional and stylish bags.
Happy camera bag hunting!

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