Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Preparing to Welcome Our Littlest Princess!

A sign I found and fell in love with that went great with the bedding!
The antique looking bed skirt!

Getting our crib was quite the adventure! We received it and realized it was damaged. I ordered another and we kept the first to switch out parts if needed. We then received the second and it too had damage, but luckily we were able to switch the damaged ones out between the two cribs and voila! We have a complete crib!

I was excited when I received the bedding! It is GORGEOUS! This isn't where the crib will be located in the room, but there are still some other things we need to get rid of in there and then we can finally put the room together!

That is a 6 inch long crack that almost goes completely though the entire piece of the crib and it is a major piece at that! The last one was from the second crib.


danakat said...

I really enjoyed your last few posts on here! And your bedding IS gorgeous!!

kg said...

It's beautiful Sharon!!

Kellan said...

Love that bedding and that sign is too cute and perfect!

Have a great Friday - see you soon - Kellan

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