Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Bedding for Girls

Finding baby bedding that is either in your price range or style can become a big ordeal. Good thing we have the Internet and are able to search for them from our own homes. I have been searching for girl bedding my self and have found several that are great, but finally after days of searching found one that fits the bill for me. Not only in looks, but price range as well.

I have hit that nesting phase with only 12 weeks to go until my due date. I am hoping to get as many things done as possible, but the baby's room is first on the priority list!

This first one is the one that I am set on buying and found the 4 pc. set for $89 plus $1 shipping at You can do a search for "So Boho" by cottontail on google and find other places that not only sell the set, but the accessories that coordinate with it.
I was looking for something that went along with the overall color scheme of my home. I love color, but for the baby's room I wanted something simple and soft. I just love the neutrals with soft colors of mauve and a pale yellow green added. It feels warm, inviting with a vintage look to it and looks like something that can stay in the room for several years. I also love the vintage look of it all and the bed skirt is to die for, beautiful! I love the softness of it and the small subtle amount of lace on it (I am not a frilly kind of gal).

Here are some others that I ran across that I find very unique and they also look like they'd be fun to decorate around! You can click on the images to see where you can buy them from!
I liked the elegant mixed with whimsical in this set. It is fun and playful and I am sure it'd be fun to decorate around! This is completely opposite from the one I chose to get, but it was the next one I was thinking of getting. It is pretty and wasn't too pricey.

This one is just sweet, but pretty. It is kinda pricey, but if you absolutely love it, why not?

Another cute one with nice trendy colors!

I love the simplicity of this elegant look.

This one is new to Land of Nod and is adorable! It has some cute tree wall stickers that coordinate!

Quilts are beautiful and warm to have in a room. This is the classic baby bedding look and was my original plan for the baby's room until I did some more research and found more that went well with my style throughout the house. It also has a uniqueness with the harlequin design!

This is very unique with a modern twist, but still soft because of the colors!

If none of these stick out to you and you are searching for that perfect fit in your baby's room try a search for "baby bedding" on google and you will get tons of stores to look at. Good Luck on the hunt for baby bedding!


Amy said...

ohlala! I love the one you have chosen. The vintage warm feel is great. My other fav is the second one. You have such great taste.

Dawn, said...

Love it! I always went for neutrals in my baby room too, I think because those are the colors that relax me!! I would love an adult size version of that yummy harlequin quilt too. That was so unique.

Adam and Christy said...

Okay...Miss Sharon...I'll give you one chance to guess which one is my favorite.

The Parisian Kitty! How fun is that?!?

Love you and Miss you!

emily said...

Wow. So many beautiful choices. The Land of Nod is always a favorite of mine as it Congratulations!!

Susan said...

oooh! so lovely!! its looking very sophisticated ! Get more
baby bedding collections from Spacify.

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